We are a design & installation firm with attention to detail in every aspect of our designs.  We also provide property maintenance solutions to keep your outdoor environment looking as nice as your indoor environment. In the winter months we offer snow maintenance for heavy, light commercial & residential applications.

Landscape Design


  • We offer a design & installation that takes pride on every detail of the job
  • Satisfying the clients needs while bringing natural elements into the project complementing it surroundings
  • Promoting textures, colours & elevations.

Property Maintenance


  • Weekly, monthly or Pring/Fall tune-up are all the options available to service your outdoor needs.
  • Turf Maintenance, edging, weeding, pruning are just a few options we can assist you with.
  • Spring/Fall Tune-up allows you to get things off on the right foot. Taking the burden off of your already busy lives.
  • Ensure that your property looks great and identify any potential problems early before they get out of control
  • Tree & Shrub care package can target special needs of the trees and shrubs on your property.  Trees and shrubs need to be assesed on an individual basis in order for them to look healthy and grow into great looking specimens that will only compliment your home for many years.

Snow Maintenance


  • Winter control for heavy, light commercial & residential properties
  • Offereing a wide range of de-icing products safe for the environment such as liquid sugar, beet & salt brine
  • Eco Salt (pet and grass friendly)
  • A 5 foot power broom for sidewalk use. Due to its high-power cleaning properties, it reduces the amount of de-icing materials needed.
  • Available 24/7 with various equipment
    • 9 foot plow
    • 7.5 foot plow
    • 2 skid steers
    • front-end loader/power boom

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